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Rapid Remote Collection

Our client faced a daunting challenge: collecting a huge complex of data from disparate systems and 25 custodians in 10 countries. NightOwl accomplished the feat in 7 days, then went on to cull the reviewable records from over a million to fewer than 150,000 items—faster and more cost-effectively than anyone thought possible.

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Data Reduction & Reuse

When a company dealing with multiple matters and a massive volume of data came to NightOwl, we sprang into action. Our experts cut 4TBs down to 250GB in just three days and provided the first-pass review with equal efficiency. Rather than re-collect and re-review as more cases arose, we reused all the assets, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars in one year.

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Discovery Consolidation

For a large company saddled with multiple discovery vendors and high costs, NightOwl vastly simplified the equation. Through a customized program of managed services, we helped them consolidate data from three platforms to one, streamlining their processes and reducing their spend by $100,000 each month.

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