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The Challenges of Issuing Cross-Border Litigation Holds

It is black letter law that a party who is on notice that litigation is reasonably foreseeable must issue a legal hold. The duty to preserve requires a party to identify, locate and maintain ESI that is relevant to a lawsuit. In cross-border discovery, the issuance of a legal hold in a foreign jurisdiction creates its own set of unique challenges and risks that distinguish it from similar processes in the U.S.

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Information Economics

As corporate data volumes increase exponentially, stakeholders across large organizations are grappling with ways to keep up with this information tidal wave.

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Corporate Discovery: A Legal or Business Challenge?

Most companies and firms would also agree that discovery is an ongoing problem that requires careful planning, repeatable processes, significant investments in technology and staff, and the ability to create work product that has legal and strategic value. Sounds like a business challenge to me.

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