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The Fight Against Weapons of Mass Deception

The ability to manipulate audio, video and images has created a fundamental trust problem and is becoming a major corporate threat as well. Soon, we literally might not be able to believe our own eyes or ears when trying to detect and deter corporate fraud.

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Ephemeral Data

More companies are allowing the use of so called “ephemeral messaging apps” to prevent IP leaks and confidential information from getting in the wrong hands. Ephemeral messaging is the transmission of encrypted multimedia messages that automatically or within a set period of time, disappears from the recipient’s device after the message has been viewed.

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Technology Assisted Review

What is Technology Assisted Review (TAR)? Although the technology and terminology are relatively new to the legal industry, the underlying technology itself, supervised machine learning, has been around for over fifty years—first in the field of information retrieval and later in areas such as digital marketing, onlinesales, and the financial industry. Supervised machine learning is a different approach to creating computer software: the machine learns from examples, rather than being explicitly programmed for a particular outcome.

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Best Practices for Handling Audio Files in Discovery

For legal counsel tasked with managing electronically stored information (ESI) in their companies, the growing push to include audio files as part of the universe of discoverable data is causing both trepidation and concern.

According to the Sedona Conference, “Electronically stored information includes email, web pages, word processing files, audio and video files [emphasis added], images, computer databases, and virtually anything that is stored on a
computing device–including but not limited to servers, desktops, laptops, cell phones, hard drives, flash drives, PDAs and MP3 players.”

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The Evolution of Data Migration

In today’s corporate environment, in-house legal teams are rapidly creating and allocating exponential amounts of information. While the fluidity with which they exchange ideas is essential, the records in which those ideas appear are becoming more complex. As organizations routinely share that data with outside support, i.e., a law firm or a legal vendor, or...

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Maximize Security in your Office 365 Matters

The Advanced eDiscovery module is built as an adjunct application to facilitate easy search, preservation and processing of key evidence. According to Info Security Magazine, 43% of data loss is caused by insiders. Half of that 43% figure was intentionally stolen. A logical step to prevent data theft is to only provide users with access to information that they need for their role.

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