Corporate Discovery Management, 1/9/14

Corporate Discovery Management

As director of Discovery Management at NightOwl, it’s my job to create and deploy corporate Discovery Management programs. Okay, what does that mean exactly? And why should you care?

In its simplest terms, Discovery Management is the active participation by an entity in controlling the methods, process and cost of the discovery process. Not in a single case but rather across multiple cases. As more corporations take steps to manage the discovery process themselves, figuring out how to do that is a significant challenge. Do they buy software and create their own discovery group within the corporation? Do they continue to rely on outside counsel, yet try to be more proactive in guiding the process? Do they look to outside vendors to help with the process? The truth is there is no single right answer. We see all of the above with varying levels of success. corporate Discovery Management programs at NightOwl aim – to help corporations navigate these options and gain better control of the discovery process and costs.

As we speak to more and more corporations we find that there are vastly different reasons they become involved in a discovery management program. Some feel they are spending too much on discovery, others find themselves re-collecting and re-reviewing the same data over and over, still others have data that’s distributed among too many law firm and vendor repositories. Discovery Management programs can help address these challenges. NightOwl’s programs aim to accomplish a few common goals: consolidate data, take advantage of economies of scale to lower costs, improve processes and gain better visibility into a broad portfolio of data.

I recently spoke with an AGC whose legal department has data with four different law firms and three different discovery vendors. The problems with that are many, but most significantly, it means they are paying a premium at each of these firms and vendors and have poor, if any, cross-matter coordination. While the aggregate amount of data is large, each vendor or firm houses a relatively small portion of data so the costs per unit are high. Furthermore, keeping track of where the datasets are being sent and hosted becomes a significant problem, especially when the same custodian data is being sent to multiple sources. A discovery management program can alleviate both of these issues. Consolidating data can bring down cost and provide a better view into the data, making re-use of data and work-product a much simpler, more efficient process.

NightOwl Discovery Management programs take what was a legal process and convert it into a business process. We do this by providing better insight into the data and tighter control over expenses, and by identifying potential efficiencies as we improve the entire discovery process. We’ve created tools to manage this and provide a comprehensive view into your company’s entire portfolio of collected, processed and hosted data. This programmatic approach can save literally millions of dollars for some of the larger companies. Our challenge is to help them get there, and we are creating some amazing programs to do just that.

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Adam Rubinger
Director of Discovery Management

Adam heads the Managed Services practice, providing a programmatic approach to discovery for both corporations and law firms. He offers guidance and assistance interpreting the many facets of electronic discovery and litigation support. Adam brings over 15 years of experience working with Fortune 500 corporations and top 200 law firms on large-scale electronic discovery projects.